Have You Tried Intuitive Eating?

Have you heard about intuitive eating? Want to ditch dieting for good? Intuitive eating is the end goal for all my clients, but it takes some time to be able to eat whatever you want with confidence. You’ll be a more successful intuitive eater once you have a firm grasp on the energy your body … Continued

3 Reasons You Should Food Track

If overspending is an issue, you create a budget. Food tracking creates awareness about eating, like a budget does creates awareness about spending. It’s a temporary tool that helps in these three ways: It helps you connect the dots between what you eat, how you feel and the results you get. It helps with accountability. … Continued

Always Hungry? Solution!

Trying to lose weight and ALWAYS hungry? Have you considered just eating MORE? Yes, this sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out. Too often in an effort to shed pounds, you stop listening to your body’s cues. You ‘white knuckle’ your days starving with severely reduced calories & other distractions. You set yourself up for wild … Continued

Eat in Hiding?

Guilt & shame are often associated with food & this can lead to weight gain. If you experience a lot of guilt with your eating habits, trying an intuitive approach to eating may help more than just your mindset Here are 6 tips to be a more mindful eater… Honor your hunger – Feed your … Continued

Intuitive Eating

Want to ditch dieting for good? Have you heard about intuitive eating? This is the end goal for all my clients, but it takes some time to be able to eat whatever you want, whenever you want with confidence… Have you tried intuitive eating? How about starting with this short video? https://masterclass.shawna247.com/ It will explain … Continued

Overeat? Now what?

We all overeat from time to time. Don’t worry, you haven’t just gained a bunch of fat. For every gram of carb that you ingest, your body will hold 3-4g of water so the scale WILL be up. But rather than sinking into the abyss of despair… Here’s your 3 step plan: Relax & drink … Continued

Intuitive Eating

Definition: Intuitive eating is an approach to eating developed to help people heal from the side effects of chronic dieting. An intuitive eater is someone who: • Makes food choices without experiencing guilt • Honors their hunger • Respects their fullness • Enjoys the pleasure of eating   10 Principles of intuitive eating: 1. Reject … Continued

What’s for Dinner? [A Typical Tuesday]

Are you stumped as to what to eat? 🙄 I often get asked what I eat, so I thought I’d share a typical day… ✳Let me explain my goals first: I want to eat for energy and performance. In the process, if I get lean by eating wholesome foods, then that’s great, but I will … Continued