Eat in Hiding?

Guilt & shame are often associated with food & this can lead to weight gain.

If you experience a lot of guilt with your eating habits, trying an intuitive approach to eating may help more than just your mindset

Here are 6 tips to be a more mindful eater…

Honor your hunger – Feed your body adequate energy & carbohydrates. Once you reach the moment of excessive hunger, all intentions of healthy mindful eating are often pretty much gone.

Make peace with food – When certain foods are taboo, it often turns into intense cravings. When you finally give in to your cravings, it often ends overeating, shame & guilt.

Challenge the food police – Stop labeling food as “good” and “bad.” Calories are calories. There are simply ‘good investment’ foods that support your health – choose these more often than not.

Honor your feelings without using food – Find ways to comfort, nurture & distract yourself WITHOUT using food. Start to recognize the difference between emotion & hunger.

Use HALTS – Ask yourself: am I hungry? am I angry? am I lonely? am I tired? am I stressed? Unless you’re hungry, find another way to deal with your feelings/

Honor your health – remember that you don’t have to eat ‘perfectly’ every day. Life is about balance. You won’t suddenly be nutrient deficient or gain weight from one bad snack or one poor day of eating. Progress NOT perfection is what counts.

If you need support, find someone that will help you include your guilty pleasures into your plan.

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