What’s for Dinner? [A Typical Tuesday]

Are you stumped as to what to eat? 🙄

I often get asked what I eat, so I thought I’d share a typical day…

✳Let me explain my goals first:

I want to eat for energy and performance. In the process, if I get lean by eating wholesome foods, then that’s great, but I will never be fit for a physique contest eating the way I do.

To clarify, in order to compete in a physique show 👙 of any sort, I’d have to change up my diet a great deal, BUT, this isn’t my goal. It’s really important to clarify your outcome and then eat to reach your goal.

About 18 months ago, I looked at my intake and realized I wasn’t eating enough. I felt my metabolism was slowing down so to avoid this, I started to ‘count macros’. This means I paid attention to the fats/proteins/carbs I was eating daily. Over time, I did what’s called a ‘reverse diet’ where by I gradually INCREASED the amount of food I was eating without gaining weight. In fact, I lost 6 lbs in the process.

Best of all, I felt energized and my strength and workout performance improved. My mental abilities benefited from more clear thinking and I felt my sleep improved.

It’s important to note that even though I felt I was ‘eating well’, I needed to improve.

The lesson for me was that I was letting ‘good get in the way of great’.

If you feel you have ‘good’ nutrition, don’t kid yourself – like me, you can probably improve it. With the help of a nutrition coach (Yes! Coaches need coaches too!), I was able to upgrade my nutrition and got a huge boost in health benefits.

So…what was my food like this typical Tuesday?

Here goes (make sure to watch the video for further explanation):

5 am – Coffee ☕ (with cream!)

7 am – Workout

8 am – Post workout shake – protein, Pentacarb (easily digested carbohydrate), greens, apple cider vinegar

8:30 am – Post workout meal – oatmeal, cinnamon, blueberries

noon-ish – Taylor Baja salad with Boathouse Yogurt dressing, chicken, handful of blueberries

4 pm – sprouted grain toast + almond butter*

*On this particular day, I was going to eat my fist I was so hungry, I knew I needed something substantial before dinner so instead of nibbling on things, I went for sprouted grain bread and almond butter which I knew would hold me until dinner.

6:30 pm – zucchini/butternut zoodles, red pepper, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, garlic + chicken breast, organic fudge bar

Lotsa water 💦

My usual intake includes: 130 grams of protein, 220 grams of carbs and 58 grams of fat.

I have no issues with gluten or dairy but I limit intake. I try to keep my starchy carbs earlier in the day and fibrous carbs (veggies) later in the day, no caffeine after my morning coffee.

I try to listen to my appetite and eat intuitively. 💥If I’m hungry, I wait 10 minutes and then eat some more.

➡If you’re at a loss as to what to eat, I can help!

You need to eat something, so make sure what you’re eating supports your goals.

I can speed up the process to getting to your goals! Let’s get the conversation going…fill in this questionnaire and then let’s get on the phone and see how we can move you in the right direction.