Q and A Sept 14, 2012

Hi Shawna, I am a real fan of yours, Craig & Mike and have just started doing your pull up push up challenge program. Have already done some of Craig’s programs and plenty of Mike’s finishers. My question is a simple one … you had a post recently about doing 10 hill runs with 10 … Continued

Q and A Sept 7, 2012

Shawna I feel the toughest part of the pull up for me is the beginning; it seems like it’s all in my shoulders and after I do a shoulder shrug, I can’t get any farther. Thanks for you help, John Dear John, The scapular retraction is difficult on the pull up (this is what you’re … Continued

Q and A Sept 2, 2012

I missed doing the Q and A on Friday, so here you go: Shawna, Do you modify your ab workout for those with diastasis recti? Denise Hey Denise, For those of you that don’t know about this, the word diastasis means “separation” and ‘recti’ is the rectus abdonimis  or the muscle that is down the … Continued

Q and A Aug 24, 2012

Hi Shawna,Can you tell me what is meant by a cable row and also the reverse DB flies, can’t find them in the exercises Tracey   Tracey,I have 2 still shots of the cable row and the rev DB fly (in the picture I’m doing body weight). Hope that helps.   Shawna ******************************************************************************************************************** Hi Shawna … Continued

Q and A Aug 17, 2012

The other day at the gym, I saw one dude trying to teach another dude how to squat. I was doing a squat/skip/push up/barf (not really but almost) combination.   It was a painful process watching this dude. He just was NOT getting it.   The key that the teaching dude was forgetting to tell … Continued

Q and A Aug 10

Hi Shawna With your first stage 1-12 pull up program would you do workout 1 on Monday, take a rest day and do workout 2 on Wednesday and so on?   Thank you for your time Shawna. Robin Robin Agreed. I’d take a day off from my program in between my workouts. I wouldn’t necessarily take … Continued

Q and A – Aug 3, 2012

Thanks for all the helpful advice in your emails. I do have a question. I do bootcamp or HIIT style training and in that there are a lot of exercises on toes and hands. I am wondering what I can do daily to strengthen my shoulders more as they fail prior to the core or … Continued

Q and A

Hey Shawna, I appreciate your program, I have a couple of questions… My gym has a cybex – a weight assisted pull up machine – it’s a counter weighted system – you stand on a plate – the more weight you select the easier it is to do. Should I use it ? Any way … Continued

Shawna’s Q and A

I get many questions across my desk so I thought I’d share a few of them and my answers with you….   Shawna, Why is it easier to do a chin up? I can get 2 chin ups but not one pull up. Help. Rob ******************************************************************************** Dear Rob. Good question. Both the chin up and … Continued

Inside Challenge Workouts – Interview

  I recently was interviewed by ‘Exercises for Injury’ expert, Rick Kaselj. You can listen in here:  Inside-Challenge-Workouts-with-Shawna-Kaminski. Here’s what you’ll learn in the interview on Challenge Workouts: Common injuries that the Challenge Workout community gets when they push themselves Few tips on how to avoid injuries when doing workouts where you push yourself An … Continued