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Hey Shawna,

I appreciate your program, I have a couple of questions…

My gym has a cybex – a weight assisted pull up machine – it’s a counter weighted system – you stand on a plate – the more weight you select the easier it is to do.

Should I use it ? Any way for it to help me on the negative phase.

Do I do the pull up system for weeks then start the push up one?

Which system do I do first?

Is there anyway to coordinate the pull up and the push up program to run simultaneously ?

Many thanks.



Hi Brad
Yes you can use the assisted pull up machine where I have assisted pull ups listed in the program. It’s a little harder to work the negative on it is all. This machine actually helps with the concentric (or positive) phase of the movement, not the negative. The negative phase is the lowering down and that’s the strength building phase, that’s why I suggest trying to take your weight on the way down from the bar. There are some tips in this video:


When you’re using my programs, if you want to improve your pull ups, start with that program. Your push up will likely increase anyway, but after the pull up program switch to the push up one for a change.
Just do one program at a time but feel free to alternate programs. You have so many programs to use with the basic purchase that you’ll keep your body guessing, which is what will encourage progress in terms of strength and performance. The other benefit of switching programs is that you won’t get bored.

Keep me posted on your progress ok?


Thanks for asking,


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