Q and A Sept 28, 2012

I find myself in Vegas again….not to gamble, but to meet with cool fitness peeps. You see I surround myself with the best of the best in the industry and if it means going to Vegas to do that, well, someone has to do it…

Seriously though, I’m all about making connections with the best in the industry. I’m part of a few ‘mastermind’ groups that meet to share information on how to serve our clients best. Here are two of my pals that come from far and wide to meet together:


This is  my pal, Sylvia Favela aka ‘the Pilates Chick’ me and fellow Canadian, ‘Love Yourself Lean’, Courtney Rowsell. It’s great to hang out with like-minded people and share ideas and ways to help out clients. We didn’t get into too much trouble, we’re a pretty tame group actually, unless hanging from door frames counts…

Here are some Q and A’s for you…remember I’m cool with answering any of your concerns, just email me at Shawna.kaminski@gmail.com or comment on the blog.


pull up tips

Hi Shawna,
I ordered the Ultimate Pull Up program thinking it would teach a novice like me that can’t do one pull-up.  I haven’t found the instruction on how to be able to work up to doing a pull up in the downloads.  All I found were 2 very short videos (under 1 min.)  in the video library of you demo-ing multiple pull ups but nothing on how to begin to learn to do them.  The program has great suggested work outs but not much on instructing a beginner on how to begin and gradually work up to doing pull ups.  I read your article on “movement progressions” and the example you gave was for someone that is already doing multiple pull ups.  I’m beginning to think your Ultimate Pull Up program is for a more advanced audience.  I need a real beginners program.  I appreciate any suggestions.



The point of the first workout program is that you have to train your back (and other muscles) to be able to do a pull up.

I don’t have a magic pill that you can take to do pull ups in a day. It takes time, recovery time and extreme effort.

Here’s a video with tips:

You need to work on scapular retraction and learning how to get in the proper body position first (all in the first program). Then you need to strengthen your back before you’ll get a pull up. Don’t discount these things. Imagine that you wanted to learn how to bench press your body weight. Would it be safe to pick up the bar with 130 lbs on it first time out and expect not to be crushed with it? Pull ups are no different. The cool thing is that you won’t get crushed with your body weight, but you probably won’t be able to move it at first either. You need to learn the correct movement pattern, then build up the strength to move your body weight in that movement pattern.

I have many people that have done this and can do pull ups now, but it takes time and effort.

I hope you stick with it, just know that the program works, even for beginners.

I agree that many things on my site and challenges there are for more advanced people, but you can do all those challenges with assisted moves. This sort of training will help you get you to your first, fifth and tenth pull up eventually.

Keep me posted with more questions so I can help you along the way.



I got a few questions regarding Tyler’s Warrior Warm Up, so I asked Tyler to answer the following…

Hey Shawna, Jim here, so I wanted to get more information because I already have a routine that I do before my workout, are you saying that I’m wasting my time? And what is so special about this warrior warmup anyways? Jim

 Great question Jim!

There is nothing wrong with you doing your own thing for your warmup, in fact more then 50% of the workout warriors in this world don’t even have a set routine that they use. So first up, let’s agree on something… Let’s agree that warming up is a good idea to reduce the chances of getting injured and when done right can actually help you to increase your performance in the gym. I’m sure this is why you warm up before your workout routine, right? Now, as for why The Warrior Warm Up is unique, it’s because it takes the results you see from your regular warm up and straps a rocket to it. Think of it this way… Traditional cardio was the norm 10 years ago, until a little thing called Metabolic Resistance Training came around and everyone realized they could get 3 times the workout in 1/2 the time. In this same way, The Warrior Warm Up aims to give you 3 times the benefits of your traditional warm up causing you to gain flexibility, strength, balance and coordination in a planned progression of movement. And the best part is, try it for 60 days, if you don’t think it has helped you set PR’s in everything you do and you don’t feel like your stronger, more flexible, have better balance and improved your coordination then send it back for a full refund. Just like anything you’ve gotta try it out and see the difference it makes in your body.


Hey Shawna, I was wondering if Tyler’s warrior warm-up is good for women as well. Some of the moves you showed look really hard and I don’t know if I could keep up. Thanks! Nina

Thanks for the great question Nina. I am glad you asked this because I get this a lot. When someone sees the “warm up” exercises I put in the level 4 and 5 sequences they often feel intimidated and think to themselves this isn’t for me. But, I assure you that The Warrior Warm Up is set up so that even complete beginners, men or women can use this program and start getting great results and feeling better on day 1. Since I utilize movement progressions on each segment of the system you will be able to work on the easier level 1 exercises and gradually work yourself up to the more difficult level 3, 4 and 5 exercises. Now, before I go off all day about how The Warrior Warm Up can used by anyone I wanted to let you know this isn’t a video series you can just watch and expect results. You need to put in the work and do the exercises consistently. That being said, if you spend 3 days a week following the exercises outlined in the program for only 15 minutes before your workout, you will go up in levels fast. Long story short, The Warrior Warm Up is appropriate for anyone, male or female that simply wants to build strength, flexibility, balance and coordination in the time they usually spend warming up. Plus, once you get to level 3 or 4 you will have some cool skills to use as party tricks 🙂


I watched the videos you posted about the warrior warm up and it looks pretty cool! Do you have any samples of what the exercises look like, other then the handstand progression in the video? I would love to see more, Thanks! Phil

Hey Phil, thanks for the kind words about the video. I had fun teaching Shawna some of the movement progression for the handstand and I know she did too 🙂 Here is a preview video of some of the exercises that i show you how to do in The Warrior Warm Up. It bears repeating that some of the exercises might look really advanced to you so if you are concerned with your ability to keep up be sure to read the last answer to Nina’s question. Here you go…


If you’re interested in Tyler’s program, you can check it out HERE, you’ll see a ton of video content to walk you through the Warrior Warm Up.

pull up tips