Q and A Aug 17, 2012

The other day at the gym, I saw one dude trying to teach another dude how to squat. I was doing a squat/skip/push up/barf (not really but almost) combination.   It was a painful process watching this dude. He just was NOT getting it.   The key that the teaching dude was forgetting to tell … Continued

Q and A Aug 10

Hi Shawna With your first stage 1-12 pull up program would you do workout 1 on Monday, take a rest day and do workout 2 on Wednesday and so on?   Thank you for your time Shawna. Robin Robin Agreed. I’d take a day off from my program in between my workouts. I wouldn’t necessarily take … Continued

Q and A – Aug 3, 2012

Thanks for all the helpful advice in your emails. I do have a question. I do bootcamp or HIIT style training and in that there are a lot of exercises on toes and hands. I am wondering what I can do daily to strengthen my shoulders more as they fail prior to the core or … Continued

Q and A

Hey Shawna, I appreciate your program, I have a couple of questions… My gym has a cybex – a weight assisted pull up machine – it’s a counter weighted system – you stand on a plate – the more weight you select the easier it is to do. Should I use it ? Any way … Continued

Shawna’s Q and A

I get many questions across my desk so I thought I’d share a few of them and my answers with you….   Shawna, Why is it easier to do a chin up? I can get 2 chin ups but not one pull up. Help. Rob ******************************************************************************** Dear Rob. Good question. Both the chin up and … Continued

Inside Challenge Workouts – Interview

  I recently was interviewed by ‘Exercises for Injury’ expert, Rick Kaselj. You can listen in here:  Inside-Challenge-Workouts-with-Shawna-Kaminski. Here’s what you’ll learn in the interview on Challenge Workouts: Common injuries that the Challenge Workout community gets when they push themselves Few tips on how to avoid injuries when doing workouts where you push yourself An … Continued

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