Burpee Q n A Oct 7/13

Challenge workouts

Question: Any suggestions for shoes when jumping rope? I used to love it but now that I’m on my feet 12 hours a day my feet aren’t as thrilled with it anymore. Thanks.

Answer: Susan I suggest a cross-trainer or aerobic dance shoe for rope jumping. Most of the impact falls on the ball of the foot. Contrary to running, which puts stress on the heel, most of the stress of jump roping hits the forefoot. For that reason, your shoes need reinforced toes and ample foot cushioning.
You want good cushioning under the forefoot and good lateral stability. Running shoes have more cushioning under the heel and don’t generally have good lateral stability. You also want shoes that have a smooth surface on the sides and bottom (nothing that will snag the rope). Choose whichever brand fits your feet the best and meets the criteria listed above. In the end, the shoe should feel good when you bounce up and down on the balls of your feet and when you move your feet around.


bonusQuestion:Where can I find the burpee variation videos in your Challenge Burpee program?

Answer: You’ll find three videos of burpee variations on the tab for the ‘Big Book of Beautiful Burpee Super Bonus’. There is a time stamp annotation for each video so you can skip ahead to the variation you’d like to view.



Question: I have terrible balance in my right ankle due to tears in my ligaments and my left ankle is arthritic now since I dislocated it. Will the Challenge Burpee  program be suitable for me? Will there be any exercises that are lower impact or can they be adapted to suit my situation?

Answer: The Challenge Burpee program is best suited to you since you can always do a lower impact option (no jump). You can always swap out a full body extension or other burpee variation with no jump. It’s very important that you keep active to prevent your ankle from stiffening up. Obviously impact activities are NOT a good choice for you until your ankle is fully healed and stable.


Question: Are there exercise demos in videos 1-7 in your Challenge Burpee program?

Answer: With the first 7 videos, they pretty much are workouts using the regular burpee or regular burpee pull up. The videos are only ‘coaching’ videos so in the video I give you instructions on how to tackle the challenge workout. For example, for the 100 burpee challenge I suggest doing sets of 10 or 20 sets of 5, I don’t demonstrate 100 burpees. My assumption is that you know how to do a burpee or you can go to the burpee variation video to see the demonstration of the regular burpee (or the burpee pull up wch is in one of the other videos in #1-7). The demo videos are found on the ‘Big Book of Beautiful Burpee Bonus’ tab.

Does that clarify things? If you look at videos 8-21 you’ll see me demonstrating the various moves.


Question: I have a shoulder injury, I can do a few push ups, will the Challenge Burpee program be too much for me?

Answer: The Challenge Burpee program may be too aggressive for your shoulder at the moment. I’d like to say you could do it, but you’d have to modify a great deal as many of the workouts have pull ups in them and since you can only do a few push ups, even doing the high plank for the burpee sets may irritate your shoulder.

In the end, I just want to help people get more fit, I don’t want you to injure yourself further.

You may want to try the Challenge Jump rope program instead. There is less shoulder work, altho right now just turning the rope may aggravate things. You could try a ‘phantom skip’ at first if the weight of the rope and the jump is too much for you.

It’s best to go slow when re-habing an injury. Impact exercises may be too much for now, so take it easy, watch your nutrition and do what your physical therapist recommends to get you moving with full range of motion and strength again.


Susan writes: Love the Challenge Burpee program! I have termed 2013 the International Year of the Burpee for my clients. They hate me and your program just gives me more fodder for them, so thank you!


Question: I would like to use Challenge Burpee as my main workout, how do I go about doing that as the program ebook states it should be used as finishers? Also which burpee do I start with as I am very unfit & how many sets & reps etc?

Answer: The Challenge Burpee program CAN be used as a main program. I suggest you start with a full body extension for all burpees for the first week.Then work up to a burpee walk out.  You’ll see the burpee variations in the Big Book of Beautiful Burpee Bonus link (3 videos). Start with workout #8, the previous workouts are a little too much for starters. Work from 8-21 and then go back to 1-7 which are really challenging timed sets. If you are unfit, I suggest starting with workouts 8 forward and doing only 3 rounds of each circuit. The workouts are short so you should be able to finish them in 20-25 min or less, including your warm up/cool down. I suggest 3-4 days of training, possibly with a day of active rest in between. By active rest I mean something where you move your body, but it’s not too taxing.
I hope that helps. You can work from 3 to 5 rounds as your fitness level improves. Don’t be discouraged and just do the best you can. Work within your own level, do the modifications (specifically for the pull ups as noted in the manual). Hope this helps!


Question: If I want to make it a finisher to a workout how long should it be?

Answer: A finisher should be one of the workouts but only do it for 6 min (that may only be 1-2 rounds if you are very unfit)


Question: It seems that some videos only show Shawna talking on them and not actual demonstrations of burpees, where do I find the demos?

Answer: Videos 1-7 are me talking because those workouts only use the regular burpee and burpee pull up (these are challenge workouts). Videos 8-21 have me going thru each circuit.


Question: Which burpees should I start off with as I am extremely unfit?

Answer: Start with the full body extension. Go to the burpee walk out from there. Check out the burpee variation videos on the Big Book of Beautiful Burpee download page (click that link and it will open up and show you three videos.
Here’s a quickie with Kate V, Mike W and me doing all sorts of burpees:

And here’s tall man, Dennis and me talking about burpees and sprints….

Burpees are great for fat burning.

They can be modified or intensified to suit any fitness level.

The great thing about burpees is that they’re more effective for fat burning compared to long slow cardio like ‘jogging’. They are much like sprinting.

Dennis, from the video, is a sprinting expert. His definition of sprinting is anything done at a high intensity for a short burst. He’s got a super fun sprinting program you can check out here.

You can read MORE about sprinting and it’s benefits here. He answers some common questions about sprinting, you’ll be surprised with some of the answers.


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