What’s the BIG Deal? TT 2.0

TT 2.0 Turbulence Training is a big deal, but it’s about to get bigger…

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve likely heard of the ‘Godfather of Fitness’ Craig Ballantyne. He’s my business coach but also a fitness mentor to me too. On the 10 year anniversary of his ground breaking Turbulence Training program, he’s revamped and released something all new that I’d like to share with you.

He grants very few interviews and I was lucky enough to be offered one…sadly, our timing didn’t work out because he was free the week that I was filming the reality show in Denver. So long story short, I only have some Q n A’s for you, (but no audio)….boo to tight schedules.

Here we go… tt jump rope

Me: How did the whole ‘Turbulence Training‘ idea get started?

CB: Well, I used to train like a bodybuilder but then changed my training to more like an athlete. I started to train my clients this way too: short burst workouts, super sets, intervals. It really took off as a way to get clients lean fast. I was writing for Men’s Health at the time and used these workouts there too. In 2001, I published my first Turbulence Training workout.

By the way, I came up with the name ‘Turbulence Training‘ on a turbulent flight from Salt Lake City from a nutrition conference. I realized that if you put ‘turbulence’ on your body when you train, it causes afterburn. It’s the afterburn that causes your body to burn more calories and more belly fat to get more results in a short amount of time.

Me: We know that the original Turbulence Training program has been super successful to help thousands of people get lean and fit. How is TT 2.0 different?

CB: The main differences are that we cut workouts back to 30 minutes by reducing rest periods. This increases workout density by doing more work in less time. We’re using metabolic finishers and bodyweight finishers instead of interval training. We’ve added the use of dumb bells and multiple exercise circuits with non – competing super sets. We’ve added a ‘finisher’ to each workout. Our short workouts are getting great results.

Me: The biggest difference that I see to TT 2.o  is that you’ve added follow along videos. I was thrilled to be part of these and man oh man, did you work me hard in them.

CB: Yes, we’ve added follow along video this time. That’s the beauty of training with a coach. When you don’t feel like training, you put on these videos and are more motivated when you see us sweating buckets along side you. It’s this community that really helps push people to train harder and get more dramatic results faster. TT video

Me: Speaking of community, I know you run your Turbulence Training Transformation contests. What are top traits of those that win these contests?

CB: The most common traits of each winner is that they have a plan, they are prepared, they have social support and they have professional accountability. It’s important to have an incentive that’s personal as well as a dead line. If you have all five of those, you’ll never go wrong.

Me: Well your Turbulence Training 2.0 is an awesome plan for starters. And I know that within the program you make suggestions for how to prepare (planning workout, nutritional tips etc.), there’s social support and accountability in the Turbulence Training community too. Seems you have it all covered for your clients to get huge results. And I know you have another transformation contest coming up too.TT 2.0 download page

CB: I’m really excited for the release of this program and upcoming transformation contest. This is the original Turbulence Training that started it all. It created a whole shift in the fitness industry because it uses metabolic resistance training and interval training. My goal is to help ten million men and women around the world to transform their bodies and lives by the year 2020.

Now we have the ability to bring the absolute best with the greatest video for people to train along side to.  This really is a combination of my life’s work and I’m so excited to share it with people and help people get more results in less time.

Craig’s program is over the top. Not only are the workouts amazing (I was feeling them for days after), but the layout of the plan is SO user friendly. Not only do you find video (that you can download to your device), but if you’re unsure of an exercise, you can click on the + to have a drop down box open up to provide instructions and tips.

There’s more bonuses and cool things in this program than I can even list. It’s set a new standard for how I’d like to create my programs. There Craig goes again: teaching me all kinds of things.

Thanks to Craig for an amazing program that I KNOW you’re going to love.

Check it out here.

(If you want to check out a story of when we did the actual filming, you can read this post.)

When you get Turbulence Training 2.0, send me your receipt and I’ll send you this bonus. It’s a collection of a variety of my favorite workouts I know you’ll love:

challengeworkout sampler