Will You Say ‘YES’?


A bad sign (literally) wouldn’t you say? ====>

It looked not very promising for us…

This was the first thing we saw before even beginning the Via Ferrata at Mt Norquay this past Saturday.

I had the good (bad?) fortune of attempting this adventure with three other adventurous women. I felt it a good sign that one of my companions was a medical doctor, you can never go wrong with one of those around 😉

Here’s our team: one of my trainers, a client and a doctor. All amazing women I’m happy to call ‘friend’. If I were to die with anyone, these would be good picks 😉

But here’s the thing…it scares me that I had NO fear with the prospect of scaling the mountain and standing on top with only a  carabineer and wire keeping me from tumbling to my death. Maybe I just have no common sense (?).

This swinging bridge was one of the first things that greeted us after we kitted up and got off the chair lift.

It was ‘on’!

It was all up hill. (Until the down hill came which actually as a even more crazy than the up!)

Some traversing, some scaling, sometimes we used our carabineers to clip into wire, sometimes we used the iron ladders and hand holds. We climbed up. up, up.

The course was amazing.

It was the opening day and we basically christened the course. One group beat us to the top, they left the bottom at 9:30 am and we left at noon. The course was about 4 hours long. Our guides had only done the course twice themselves, so it was all pretty new to everyone.

Our guides were very skilled and patient with a group of clucking women, the first ever group of girls to get to the top.

We actually got higher than when this picture was taken, but this one really shows the beauty of the mountains and the team spirit we felt. There’s something truly bonding about these sorts of things.

I promised that I’d share some photos of this epic event as I continue to encourage YOU to do something scary.

We prepared and took all the safely precautions we needed to make this a successful adventure, but it was still a little scary for some of us. I told one of my friends that she was actually the bravest of all since she struggled with her fear of heights and conquered it.

Are you fit enough to do the things that YOU want to do?

To me, this is just one more reason to continue my efforts to invest in my fitness. I want to be healthy (and to be truthful, I want to fit into my skinny jeans).

I also want to be able to say ‘YES’ to any sort of adventure like this that comes my way.

Will you be able to say ‘YES’?

What are YOU doing to ensure that you can take on any challenge that you want?

Being able to say ‘YES’ is all about your mental attitude. It’s about preparation and tenacity. It’s about problem solving and resourcefulness.

I’d love to help you say ‘YES’.

My programs give you the confidence in your body to take on what you want. Doing physical challenges toughens you mentally.

Let me help you say ‘YES’.

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