A Personal Challenge

warning-challengesYou know I’m all about ‘challenges‘: burpee challenges. pushup challenges. pull up challenges…etc.

Challenges are everywhere. I think challenges are a great way to get you out of your fitness rut.

But there are always challenges that have nothing to do with fitness…

Our reaction to dealing with these challenges show us who we really are.

I had a different challenge to face…

I held my breath for 4 months.

I don’t recommend it. (But every parent has to eventually learn how to do it.)

I’ve been gushing on about my daughter, Hannah, and her trip to SE Asia and her much anticipated return, (thank you for indulging me). While she was away growing up, learning about her self and the world, I’ve been holding down the fort with Sam and Sev, learning a great deal too.

hannah asia 2014

Hannah told me of how she had to ‘man up’ while away, (when she didn’t have her Mama to help out). I was happy to hear of these stories AFTER the fact since it’s always best to hear these past tense adventures whilst having her sitting safely in the comfort of home 😉

I was proud of how she met the challenges of travel, including surviving a typhoon in the Philippines,  bad food/no food or water, the Full Moon party in Thailand (don’t even get me started on that), a hospital visit and all the various other fun and potentially life threatening experiences she had. These challenges forced her to grow up.

(If ever I’m feeling like a bit of a failure, I only have to look at her to know that I did a few things VERY right.)

Now, let me tie in the whole fitness aspect to this story now…

My whole fitness philosophy regarding ‘challenge workouts’ is based on the fact that a challenge forces me to ‘woman up’ and get to the bottom of things. The self talk I try to keep during any difficult workout is:

  • ‘I can do this’ fall 7 times get up 8
  • ‘This won’t kill me (I’ll pass out before I actually die)’
  • ‘I will succeed’
  • ‘There is no stopping me’
  • ‘It’s almost over’
  • ‘This will make me better’
  • ‘Just get started’

The funny thing is, these things can easily be adapted to any challenge I find myself in.

Doing challenging workouts has shaped my whole life to make me (what I think) a better and stronger person in ALL situations.

Apparently, there’s been some ‘trickle down’ affect to my kids too. Hannah has maybe watched me take on a variety of challenges (physical and otherwise) and must have learned a thing or two the way she takes the world by the horns.

I’m not sure this girl is aware that she’s only 5 feet tall and a little over 100 lbs as she quietly does the most courageous of things. Among many other things, she headed to another continent for months – by herself. (Again.)  In fact, this was the seventh international trip she’s done in two years – this being the only one for pure pleasure, all others were to volunteer.  She also volunteers with the youth group, she’s a lover of one eyed dogs (she nagged me to give Sev a home). And, not surprisingly, she takes on some serious physical challenges with super tough workouts (confession: she’s a Cross Fit junkie).

She just seems to have learned to apply this ‘challenge-like’ attitude to life. I’m pretty proud of this.

Now before you go and think that this is just a platform to brag – which by the way it MOST DEFINITELY IS,  (it’s WAY better than any wallet photo or fridge to display your kids art!), there are  actually a few messages in this…

Lesson ONE

Life is full of challenges.

Challenges are nothing to be feared. Embrace them to see what you’re made of. They’re an opportunity to grow and become a better version of yourself.

Lesson TWO

If you want to improve your mental outlook regarding challenges, then yobe better than beforeu’d be surprised at how physical challenges prepare you for ANY thing life has to throw at you.

Lesson Three

Competing with yourself can be the most rewarding challenge  around. Be willing to learn from others that are successfully doing what you want to achieve. Don’t re-invent the wheel.

Lesson Four

Someone is always watching. It’s the seemingly small things that you do CONSISTENTLY that show who you really are. Words mean little but actions speak volumes. Where fitness is concerned it’s all about ‘walking the walk’.

The truth is, health isn’t for sale, you can’t buy it or get someone else to ‘do the work’ for you.

You can’t just ‘talk the talk’. Your actions will be evident over time, whether that shows in how you look  or how your body moves or likely both of these things.

If you feel you’ve done more ‘talkin than walkin’  and need a little inspiration, I have just the thing.

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Try this sample Ab “Targeted” Metabolic Bursting Protocol

  • Warm up: 5 minutes (walk, calisthenics, jumping jacks, etc.)
  • Ab “Targeted” Sequence: Hard as you can go (sprinting, or bodyweight movements like squats) for 20 to 30 seconds at a time, walk or rest for 30 to 90 seconds in between, repeat 4 to 8 times.
  • Cool down: 5 minutes.

This isn’t easy, but it’s definitely efficient and simple to do.

Short ‘challenges’ like this one will make all the difference to you. Your body will be proof that you’re ‘walkin the walk’  in no time.

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