I’m a Big Dreamer – Are YOU?

This blog post is a little unorthodox.

I don’t have a new training protocol for you. I don’t have  a nutrition break-through or a recipe. This really isn’t related to fitness, but I have a strong message for you.

You see, I’m a little overwhelmed with YOU and I want you to know why….

First of all, I just got back from the 4fitness family june 2014th Annual Turbulence Training Summit in San Diego. The weekend was filled with boot camp workouts, motivational speakers and just hanging out with my ‘fitness family’. You may think that this ‘fitness family’ that we speak of is just talk, but it’s really not. We all feel a pretty strong connection. We’re from all parts of the country but we keep in touch weekly, sometimes daily and anytime we can spend together is precious.


It was a big day on Friday for Brian Kalakay and his (now fiance), Kristen Williams.

will you marry me?<======She said ‘Yes!’

We had lots to celebrate. More than just the usual fun and games that we have when we hang out.

We got to help out with the TT boot camps each morning. It was good fun sweating together:


kate shawna rachel TT summit

kate and mike 2










kate and me world champThere was ‘Battle Royale’ where we shared some of our best ‘Client Attraction’ strategies and Kate took the title (you’ll see the Godfather of Fitness, Craig Ballantyne and Bedros Keuilian photo bombing us) ===>>






There was the push up push up contestcontest where I wanted to throttle emcee Brian Kalakay for calling out the impossibly slow count for each agonizing push up. I have to hand it to Canadian Cheryl Pattyn for taking first place with 70 amazing push ups. I took second place with 69. Here’s a fun fact: the girls matched the winner, Daniel Woodrum who won the men’s division with 70 fantastic push ups. #Girlpower!


 sarka me

<====Then there was Sarka. She’s also an enthusiastic client that she made a special trip to San Diego to bring me and the gang some of her special baklava.




tom and nikki and meHow about Tom and Nikki? These fabulous people use all my programs. Tom recently sent me an email with the subject line: ‘She STILL hates you!’ describing Nikki’s comments after her jump rope workout. We’ve stayed in touch after meeting at last year’s TT Summit. It was my pleasure to spend an hour or two at dinner with them on Friday (instead of mingling at the pool party – cuz these two were just so worth it!). ===>




How can IGilroy india not feel special when folks go out of their way to introduce themselves to me? Or thank me for my programs? How can I not feel overwhelmed with gratitude towards them? Wow. What a crazy life I have, awesome that I can make a connection with all these people from all parts of the globe.

<====Here’s Gilroy that came all the way from India and sought me out to say my Challenge Jump Rope works terrifically well in India during monsoon season.




TT master certThe weekend ended with a Master Turbulence Training certification. It was a fantastic learning experience to spend the day with Craig Ballantyne, Brian Kalakay and fellow master trainers Gustavo Rosello from Argentina and Pete Jankowski from Australia.

I love being part of the Turbulence Training mission to help 10 million people transform their lives. I’m doing my part to help.

I’d say I’m very blessed. I’m doing the things I want to do and it’s because I got out of my comfort zone. I had a perfectly fine career as a teacher, but I knew that I wanted to do more than that. I wanted to pursue my passion in the fitness field.

For me, it all started with  small step. I started a small group training gym, then I started a boot camp. I felt a need to help more people than I could reach in my local community so I learned how to connect with folks through the internet.

The lesson here isn’t about me. The bigger lesson is that I took action on my passion and I’m LIVING MY DREAM. I’m only using my story to illustrate that it’s possible to re-invent yourself (even in your 40’s).

What is it that YOU want to do? What small step can you take today to get you closer to your dream?

I’m so thankful for the wonderful people that I get to connect with, and it never would have happened if I hadn’t taken the first step to leave my teaching career, then open a fitness studio, a boot camp and finally get online with programs and coaching.

Have you thought about what your passion is? What your calling is?

For me, I know I’m called to challenge people to be their best. That challenge may be in a workout or in nutrition, it may be to lose weight or to lighten the spirit and find my client’s best self.

I would never have dreamed that this is where life would lead me.

What step will you take TODAY to get you closer to YOUR DREAM?

I’d LOVE to hear about it. Use the comment section to share what you’re doing to improve your life and the life of those around you. 

You may be surprised to hear that your small steps give courage to others to take a step too. Also, making your goals public is essential to getting you closer to where you want to be. You never know where you’ll end up when you dream big.