Case Study: Rosemary

What do you do when what you did before doesn’t work anymore? This happened to Rosemary. She had her workout & nutrition plan DIALLED in, then everything changed when she underwent a partial thyroidectomy. She was… -Gaining weight on 1000 calories a day -Constipated -Hair my falling out -Moody -So tired! We worked together to … Continued

Tried Everything to Lose Weight?

I hear this all the time. Many women 40+ feel frustrated & at the end of their ropes trying so many weight loss plans unsuccessfully. I never thought my age would be my greatest asset in helping women, but it sure is since I’ve ‘been there & currently doing that’ where maintaining a healthy weight … Continued

Case Study: Stephanie

“Participating in Shawna’s program was a life changing experience. “ @stephanieliner From my perspective, it was a great pleasure to work with Stephanie. She consistently showed up & was ready to learn. She threw away old ideas, for example, she (reluctantly) increased her calorie & carb intake & watched her weight go down. She slowly increased … Continued

#1 Factor to Weight Loss Success

There’s no magic. Consistency is the secret sauce to success. It’s the opposite of “all or nothing” thinking. Consistency may ebb & flow. It’s not about perfection or never messing up. Think ‘all or something’. Weight loss success is about continually committing to simple habits. Adding some accountability will always up your game. Happy to … Continued

Case Study: Lauren

Slow weight loss? Lauren wanted to give up! There were weeks that the scale didn’t budge! But, she was patient & trusted the process. You can’t speed up a process that’s meant to be slow! Not only did Lauren lose 25 lbs, she did it while recovering from a ruptured achilles. She is one amazing … Continued

Case Study: Andria

Andria has found her happy place! She’s a busy mom & math professor that just got off track. She found herself overweight & unhappy. Then she found my fitness boot camp: Calgary NW Fit Body Boot Camp. She never thought that she’d enjoy boot camp so much. She loved the welcoming atmosphere & now loves … Continued

Never Too Old!

If you think you’re too old 👵🏻 to be your best self, may I be so bold as to say that you’re mistaken?… 🛑 If you feel you’ve ‘tried everything’ with no results, just wait. 💃🏼Meet my 64 year old client. ✨She is an inspiration and has wise words to share. 🗣She says… ✨I think anyone can do … Continued

Success Story Lori O

Ever wonder why some people can drop the weight and keep it off? while others yo-yo back and forth or never achieve any weight loss whatsoever? Meet my client and now friend, Lori O. She started her weight loss journey at 197 lbs at only five foot four inches. She finally decided that ‘enough was enough’ … Continued

Success Story – Leanne S

I am super excited to highlight Leanne who has been a dedicated member of Calgary NW Fit Body Boot Camp since 2012! Here’s her story: My name is Leanne and I am a mother of 2 active boys – 13 & 11 who both play club basketball. I’ve played hockey for over 25 years and I enjoy … Continued

An Inspirational Success Story

Here are a few inspiring words from SUPER client Lori O. on her fitness journey! 💙 My weight loss journey can be summed up with one word “excuses”. I can list off why I spent 20 years on a weight loss roller coaster – moving, pregnancy twice, moving, work stress, health issues, moving to a different … Continued