Stressed? Don’t Workout…

Feeling stressed?… Sometimes a hard workout is actually COUNTERPRODUCTIVE if you’re looking to lose your menopause belly. The body can perceive hard exercise as stress so this may contribute to elevated cortisol levels. Cortisol is the belly fat storing ‘fight or flight’ hormone that the body releases during stressful times. You may benefit more from … Continued

Stop Working So Hard If You Want to Lose Weight

Yes, I know that sounds counterproductive, but honestly, you may just be causing hormone imbalances by over stimulating the para-sympathetic nervous system. Your body may be holding onto every ounce of fat because it thinks it’s in a crisis situation and you may need that fat to fight a sabre tooth tiger. We all know … Continued

Best Foods to Reduce Stress and Belly Fat

Are you a stress eater or under constant stress? Apart from many hormonal consequences from increased cortisol levels that come with chronic levels of stress, one of the most common is increased food cravings and those cravings tend to be for sweet foods. However, the more sweet foods we eat, the worse our mood tends … Continued

Stressed? 😳 Solution 💡

Do what you can with what you have where you are… Here’s how we handled the challenges and things YOU can do to stay your health course: 1. Breathe. ‘This too shall pass’ 2. Delay panic and look for the possible good in the situation. Every adversity has a seed of good in it. Neutralizing … Continued

UNUSUAL Tips to Handle Stress

Are you stressed?   We all have stress from time to time.   One reason we want to keep stress under wraps is that chronic stress increases the hormone cortisol which is the ‘belly fat storing hormone’.   If you’re interested in losing belly fat, we must keep cortisol under control.   I have three … Continued

Healthy Secrets to Handle Stress

Healthy Secrets for handling schedule interruptions… ➡️Life will always throw us a curve call ball that will interrupt our healthy efforts… ➡️If we wait for life to open up the perfect time to make healthy changes, we will wait forever… ➡️The ‘secret’ to maintaining long term health is to implement simple principles: ✅Protect your sleep. … Continued

10 Ways to De-Stress

Stress! What’s it doing to you? How can you de-stress? Cortisol the ‘belly fat storing hormone’ is increased when you’re under stress. I’m sure increased belly fat is NOT a useful way to handle stress for you as it once was. In the caveman days, increased belly fat was a survival mechanism because back then, … Continued