Weight Loss Success Tips

Small changes are key to lasting change. If you try to change too much too soon, you’re more likely to fail and fall back into old routines. Consider these small changes to slowly change your health over time. Go here for more healthy habit changes to overcome menopausal symptoms: https://shawnak.com/freebook/

Secret to Dropping a Dress Size

Want the secret to permanently dropping that dress size?… This is important to know, especially if you’re battling with menopause hormones…. Are you ready?… There’s actually NO secret… There’s no ONE secret to losing your menopause belly, magically dropping & keeping the weight off… Instead, it’s a series of SMALL changes that will help you … Continued

Bikini Confident: 3 Steps

There’s nothing magical about being confident in a bikini! Here are 3 things to do NOW to look & feel better soon: Here we go… 1️.Reduce or cut out processed foods – things in bags & boxes with long ingredient lists. These increase inflammation & make weight loss more of a challenge. 2️.MOVE! Try to … Continued

Easy or Hard Decisions for an Easy Life?

What decisions are you making? Easy decisions lead to a hard life…And hard decisions tend to lead to an easy life. Take a look at nutrition for example. If you’re making the easy decision to have: —processed foods -excessive sugar -excessive alcohol -sedentary lifestyle You’re going to experience health issues & have a harder life … Continued

Should I Go on a Diet?

Should you go on a diet? The short answer is NO! In the long answer, let me outline all the reasons why going on a diet is a poor choice: Minimal long-term success – The Journal of Obesity reported only 20% of those that have lost weight in the first year keep it off. This … Continued

Weekend Routine – How Do I Avoid Sabotaging My Progress?

It’s the weekend! One of the most common issues with women I talk to is how to manage the weekend so that any progress through out the week isn’t sabotaged. The weekend can be a great break from your every day routine, but if maintaining your health is your goal, then it’s important to stick … Continued