Should I Go on a Diet?

Should you go on a diet?

The short answer is NO!

In the long answer, let me outline all the reasons why going on a diet is a poor choice:

Minimal long-term success – The Journal of Obesity reported only 20% of those that have lost weight in the first year keep it off. This percentage deceases in the second year.

Diets decrease your metabolism – Decreased intake teaches your body to be more efficient. You’ll actually burn less calories and potentially metabolize your own muscle to live. Decreased muscle contributes to a lower overall resting metabolism.

If or when you try to increase calories after your diet, you’ll likely gain weight eating less.

Diets increase hunger – Weight loss efforts are associated with in increased hunger sensations.

Diets miss the point – Diets don’t really address the reasons why most people overeat in the first place, when the diet is over, the underlying triggers for eating haven’t changed so the previous eating habits resume.

Dieting requires time and energy – In today’s fast paced world, these are already in short supply.

Dieting can lead to decision fatigue – There is so much conflicting info about diets, what to eat and what not to eat, that it’s overwhelming and confusing.

Diets prevent you to listen to your own body cues – Often diets suggest eating when you’re not hungry and refraining from eating when you are so it’s difficult to get in tune with your real appetite.

Diets increase cravings – Diets often restrict or demonize certain foods thereby often increasing their intrinsic value.

Diets cause guilt and reduce self-esteem – If you give into cravings, often you feel guilt and shame.

Diets are no fun – Let’s face it, we all know that diets suck the life out of us, not the fat out of us. They usually lead to disappointment long term.

So what’s the answer if dieting is a no-no?

Make modified eating choices Incorporating SMALL doable changes over time is one of the BEST ways to increase health and reduce your menopause belly.

Focus on GAINSThink of all the foods you CAN eat and the energy you gain from eating healthy foods rather than feeling restricted from the things that you ‘can’t’ eat.

Ditch the ‘all or nothing’ attitudeIf you make a bad choice, don’t let that give you permission to throw in the towel for the whole day (week/month). Just make a better choice for the next meal or snack.

Start NOWForget about starting your diet on Monday, or at the beginning of a month or year. Start NOW with a small change. Stick to that change for 14-21 days and then incorporate another small change.

If you’re looking for a ‘non-diet’ diet and sustainable ways to upgrade your nutrition, how about getting your own personal weight loss coach?

It’s less of an investment than you can imagine (about the price of a cuppa java a day).

A coach will provide direction, accountability and a shoulder to lean on. As well, you’ll have an entire group of women to cheer you on too.

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