What Habits Matter Most?

Relax on holiday. Eat cake on your birthday. Enjoy life. Because it’s not what you do SOME of the time… It’s what you do MOST of the time that affects your health. Your daily habits matter most. If you want to upgrade your daily habits, and if you want to know what habits will bring … Continued

How NOT To Be Depressed & Miserable

STOP doing some of these things & over time you’ll feel MUCH better.   You’ll: Be more fit Lose weight Have more energy Be more interesting Feel more rested Have more confidence Be more passionate about life Changing habits takes time, support & strategies to replace old behaviours with new ones. Lemme help, let’s talk: … Continued

The ‘Compound Effect’ of Small Actions

Consider the ‘compound effect’ of small actions. Walking 15 min per day could add up to almost 25000 calories burned in a year. This is the easiest way to lose 6lbs or more (if nothing else changes). Or consider sleep… Going to bed 10 min earlier at night could add up to 70 extra minutes … Continued

4 Steps to Bikini Ready

If the thought of a bathing suit scares the living daylights outta you, here are 4 things to do NOW to look & feel better soon. But WAIT! The number ONE thing NOT to do is start a fad diet! This will only backfire with rebound weight gain. Here you go: 1. Reduce or cut … Continued