4 Steps to Bikini Ready

If the thought of a bathing suit scares the living daylights outta you, here are 4 things to do NOW to look & feel better soon.

But WAIT! The number ONE thing NOT to do is start a fad diet!

This will only backfire with rebound weight gain.

Here you go:
1. Reduce or cut out processed foods – things in bags & boxes with long ingredient lists. These increase inflammation & make weight loss more of a challenge.
2. MOVE! Try to get 10k steps a day & message me for an at-home bodyweight workout to get started.
3. Eat more protein, at least 100g over the course of the day. Examples include: eggs, fish, beef, chicken, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.
4. Make a deal with yourself that only food with ‘some’ nutrition goes in your mouth to reduce poor investment foods.

It’s these small things that, over time will make the difference.

Stop looking for something ‘magical’ & just start doing simple things daily.

Here’s my BEST at home workouts: https://tinyurl.com/mybikinybelli