EP 28 – Handling Hormone Imbalances with Samantha Gladish

Shawna K
Shawna K
EP 28 - Handling Hormone Imbalances with Samantha Gladish
So many women experience hormone imbalances.
I’m so happy to welcome hormone expert, Samantha on the show where  we address the following:
1. What is it that leads to hormonal imbalances?
2. What are some simple strategies we can implement to optimize our hormonal health?
3. What are some key strategies women can implement to avoid weight gain – especially as they age?
4. Samantha shares her experience with the autoimmune disease: hashimotos.


Samantha Gladish is a Women’s Health and Wellness Coach. She is the founder of www.HolisticWellness.ca; a website dedicated to helping women lose weight and balance their hormones through delicious food. Samantha coaches and supports women from around the world on natural beauty, holistic health and nutrition. Her philosophy is that through changing the way we eat, think, move and care for our bodies, we can heal ourselves and live a life we love. Through therapeutic lifestyle changes, whole foods, and straight-forward guidance, clients become confident and empowered to lead healthier and vibrant lives. Clients report greater levels of energy, confidence in their bodies, and release excess weight after many years of feeling stuck.

Samantha is a Holistic Nutritionist, Women’s Health Coach, author, speaker, natural beauty advocate, and self-proclaimed foodie. For more information about Samantha and her coaching, visit www.HolisticWellness.ca.