Q and A Nov 9th, 2012

It’s a frozen Friday here where I live in Canada. It’s actually pretty cozy when you’re all bundled inside. I have a chair in my office area that I sit and can look out the window while I work. It’s looking pretty frosty…

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I don’t mind this weather when I’m on the inside of the window, but last night I was on the outside of it for hours. It was the city championships for my son’s football team. It’s his first year in high school so it was a big day. This is definitely NOT football weather.

challenge workouts

But the good news is an undefeated season for the boys and freezing was well worth it for everyone.

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Now maybe I can get Sam back in the gym with me on occasion. Football took up hours a day for him so although he’s sad that the season is over, the gym awaits him.

On with the Q and A for the week…

challenge workouts

Question: Shawna, Just bought your program and have a few questions. What would be a good cardio workout on “ off days” [I prefer high intensity interval cardio]. Also, would Fat Grips help in this program? Thanks, Tom

Answer: Hi Tom, Thanks for your questions. I’d use the endurance power builders for cardio or my friend Mike Whitfield’s workout finishers are also great.

As far as fat grips go, I’ve never used them before but from what I’ve researched they’re great for working on grip strength, especially with pulling exercises. If you’re in combat sports, a rock climber or do anything that grip strength is important, then these may be useful for you. However, if your grip is the weak link, then using them for pull ups is sort of counter-productive. You won’t be able to get many pull ups because you won’t be able to hold on. I’d use the fat gripz for other pulling movements like DB rows etc.

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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