Working Out And Gaining Weight?

If weight loss is your goal, you may be frustrated if you’re working out and the scale isn’t budging. If you’re resistance training, here are reasons you may be gaining weight (most of which is temporary): muscle fiber inflammation increase in muscle glycogen (stored energy within the muscle) water weight gain *And eventually…actual muscle gain. … Continued

Why Am I Gaining Weight?

Don’t be discouraged if weight doesn’t fall off when you start resistance training. Even if you’re in a calorie deficit, it may take your body a bit of time to adjust and actually lose weight on the scale. Progress is when your weight goes up slightly or STAYS THE SAME at first because it’s NORMAL … Continued

Does Metabolism Tank After Age 40?

Did you turn 40 & BAM the belly fat piled on? While this is common, it doesn’t have to be the case. Typically we tend to lose a little lean muscle as we age so (if we’re lucky), we may weigh the same amount, but with the body composition change, we burn less calories. So, … Continued

Why Did I Gain Weight After My Treat Meal?

Did you have a treat meal? Are you freaking out now that the scale says you’ve sabotaged all your hard work from the previous week? Well, you did NOT just gain 2 – 5 lbs of fat… It’s OKAY. Your body will retain some water when you eat extra carbs. When you ingest 1 gram … Continued