What Does Insulin Have to Do with Menopausal Weight Gain?

Menopause gets a bad rap – we tend to blame everything on it when something else may really be in play.

We can’t control estrogen/progestrone but we CAN control 2 other hormones.

In this video, I want to discuss INSULIN and how you can use it to our advantage to control our weight.

If insulin levels are out of control, you may develop insulin resistance & experience:
– Brain fog
– High blood sugar
– Intestinal bloating
– Sleepiness
– Weight gain
– Difficulty losing weight
– Visceral fat storage
– Increased blood triglycerides
– Increased blood pressure
– Depression
– Increased hunger

I have good news for you, the primary treatment for insulin resistance:
-improved nutrition

Let me explain a bit of how insulin works…

When we ingest carbs, we get a rise in blood sugar.

When we get a rise in blood sugar, we get in rise in insulin.

Insulin helps our body do 3 things with ingested carbs:
1. Provides immediate energy use
2. Stores energy as glycogen in the liver/muscles
3. Stores energy as fat

So we can never use STORED FAT in the presence of insulin.

So how do we manage our insulin levels?

We want rolling hills of insulin instead of peaks & valleys…

Peaks & valleys mean surges in energy & slumps so you’ll want to reach for more carbs & caffeine

Manage your insulin by:
-trying not to eat carbs in isolation
-eat complex carbohydrates
-try to have a bit of protein with every meal/snack
-eat at regular intervals

If you want to finally lose your menopause belly, I’m happy to help! Just reach out!

Start by watching this short video and then let’s talk!