Why Am I Gaining Weight?

Don’t be discouraged if weight doesn’t fall off when you start resistance training.

Even if you’re in a calorie deficit, it may take your body a bit of time to adjust and actually lose weight on the scale.

Progress is when your weight goes up slightly or STAYS THE SAME at first because it’s NORMAL for your body to bump up a few pounds of water weight when you start resistance training.

Remember that muscle is metabolically active (burns more calories even at rest) and takes up less space so your clothes will fit better – even if the scale hasn’t moved.

Women 40+ will typically gain fat around the middle more so here’s a good test to see if you’re gaining fat…

Go grab a tight pair of pants, do they still fit or are they loose around the waist?

Or, use a tape measure to quantify waist measurement – if it’s staying the same or going down, something GOOD is happening.

Try to chill and stay the course: weight gain doesn’t mean FAT gain.

And staying the same weight doesn’t mean that you’re not progressing.

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