Working Out And Gaining Weight?

If weight loss is your goal, you may be frustrated if you’re working out and the scale isn’t budging.

If you’re resistance training, here are reasons you may be gaining weight (most of which is temporary):

  • muscle fiber inflammation
  • increase in muscle glycogen (stored energy within the muscle)
  • water weight gain

*And eventually…actual muscle gain.

If you’re paying attention to nutrition, you may be losing fat and gaining an equal amount of muscle at the same time, so your weight remains the same.

This is why measuring yourself is helpful (even just by comparing how clothes fit)  because you might lose inches while the scale stays the same.

If you’re on track with nutrition, you’re gaining strength and the scale isn’t moving, try not to be discouraged. These are actually all good signs.

Muscle puts the sexy in your jeans. It’s shapely and functional and keeps your metabolism fired up.

Stay the course.

And if you need someone in your corner, I’d be happy to help. Let’s talk: