Why Menopausal Women Need to Weight Train

Weight training is the MVP for improved health as we age. In addition to fat loss & body composition improvements, here are other benefits: Enhanced mood Gain strength and function Improve athletic performance. Reduce risk of injury Reduce back pain Reduce arthritis. Reduce the risk of heart disease Reduce risk of diabetes Reduce risk of … Continued

Your Weight Doesn’t Matter As Much As This…

I didn’t think about my weight once during this workout. Because what I can do with my body is way more important than the weight of my body. Eat & move every day so you can do fun things. And the most mundane things like going to the bathroom unassisted as you age… At the … Continued

Your AMAZING body…(your BEST fatloss tool)

As women we need to do strength training. Building some muscle boosts our metabolism, aids in fat loss and sculpts a great shape!   Yet, most women offer reasons for why they’re still not strength training including lack of time to get to the gym, the intimidation factor of all those machines at the gym, … Continued