Build a Better Push Up

Try this tip for a stronger push up. The strengthening portion of the movement is lowering your body to the floor. This is called the ‘eccentric’ contraction. Try a ‘hand release push up’: Slowly lower your chest to deck Lift your hands off the ground Get back into a plank position anyway you can. Repeat! … Continued

Most Underrated Exercise to Tone Your Tummy

Push ups are underrated. If you’re looking to increase strength & tone in your core & upper body, the lowly push up is the answer. There are a number of variations so that pretty much anyone can do a push up. Make sure to keep your body very ‘plank like’, keep the elbows in close … Continued

Quick Workout to Get Beautifully Strong and Sculpted Arms

Want a quick little workout sample to get you strong and ROCK a sleeveless blouse? 👊🏻💪🏻😀 Especially if you want to increase your push up strength, this is a perfect little workout that you can add to the end of your My Bikini Belly workout or any other workout. ➡Set a timer for 10 minutes, … Continued