Most Underrated Exercise to Tone Your Tummy

Push ups are underrated.

If you’re looking to increase strength & tone in your core & upper body, the lowly push up is the answer.

There are a number of variations so that pretty much anyone can do a push up.

Make sure to keep your body very ‘plank like’, keep the elbows in close to protect the shoulders & watch your strength & tone improve.

Here’s a progression to build up to what would be called ‘regular’ push ups:
-wall push ups
-incline push ups
-kneeling push ups
-straddled push ups
-regular push ups
-decline push ups
-eccentric push ups (not shown) do a 3-4 second descent

Push ups strengthen the chest, shoulders. triceps as well as the core.

Happy push upping!

Happy to help you tighten & tone the rest of you, let’s talk: