You’re Special – But not THAT Special…

Sorry for the harsh message ahead. You’re special but probably not THAT special. I’m sorry that sounds harsh but hear me out. It seems that many are getting just a snippet of (mis)info and self-diagnosing some serious stuff. Some ‘coaches’ are even playing the fear card telling clients they are ‘broken’. The fact is, you … Continued

Mindset & Menopause – with Sarah Millan

Shawna K
Shawna K
Mindset & Menopause - with Sarah Millan

Did you ever figure that your mindset could actually reduce menopausal symptoms? Listen to this podcast to find out this: 1. What is Mindfulness? 2. How does stress play into menopausal symptoms & what are the adverse effects? 3. Why is it difficult to be in a place of NOW and let go of anxiety … Continued

Fat Loss Starts Between the Ears First

Did you know that weight loss starts from the neck up? That’s correct. Once you get your mind set straight, weight loss becomes easier. Even if you WANT to lose weight, but you don’t BELIEVE it’s possible, you’ll find ways to secretly sabotage your efforts. Your results will be a self fulfilling prophecy – you … Continued

Self Image and Your Health Goals

How do you see yourself?   Self image is key to health. If you see yourself as fit and healthy, you’re more likely to be that way and maintain that state.   If you’ve constantly been a yo-yo dieter, or have enjoyed good health and then fall off the wagon for months (years) at a … Continued

The Power of Self Talk

What do you tell yourself? Tip to INSTANTLY feel better  and a challenge that will help you stay on course with your health and fitness journey… Your challenge today is to look in the mirror and find something that you’re happy with – something that you’d compliment a friend about. We usually have self talk … Continued

The life lesson I learned from my dog.

People mean well.  They really do.  When they advise that what you’re trying to do is “too hard”, they don’t mean to be negative. They’d be horrified to be considered lazy or small minded.  But when we take the easy path we often miss out on wonderful opportunities.  Please don’t be that person.   This … Continued