Fat Loss Starts Between the Ears First

Did you know that weight loss starts from the neck up?

That’s correct.

Once you get your mind set straight, weight loss becomes easier.

Even if you WANT to lose weight, but you don’t BELIEVE it’s possible, you’ll find ways to secretly sabotage your efforts. Your results will be a self fulfilling prophecy – you will make yourself ‘right’ that you can’t actually lose weight.

BUT…If you BELIEVE you can achieve your goals, you’re more likely to take action on simple strategies that will eventually lead to a healthier you and lasting fat loss will be an eventual result.

If we are BREATHING then we have no choice but to be THINKING as well…

We need to be mindful and disciplined with our thots…

Thoughts become things – when we think illness, we are ill, when we think wellness, we are well.

We CAN become healthier when we fill our mind with POSITIVE self talk instead of beating ourselves up for past failures or not being ‘enough’.

Today, will you try this?

When ever your mind goes to a negative thot about yourself, catch yourself and say this:

I am strong 💪🏻 I can do anything I put my mind too 👊🏻💥

You’ll be surprised at how a positive mindset does wonders for motivation and the ability to take action on your goals.

And, if you’re lacking a little in the motivation department, or need direction on the HOW to achieve your goals – I’ve gotchu covered!

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