The Power of Self Talk

What do you tell yourself?
Tip to INSTANTLY feel better  and a challenge that will help you stay on course with your health and fitness journey…

Your challenge today is to look in the mirror and find something that you’re happy with – something that you’d compliment a friend about.

We usually have self talk that is incredibly negative – we say things to ourselves that we’d never tell a friend.

When we continuously beat ourselves up with negative talk, it’s more difficult to feel hopeful about change.

For example, if my eyes always gravitate to what I feel is an ugly belly, I may get in the mindset that ‘nothing works’, my belly is still there, I miss any positive change that occurs anywhere else in my body. This serves to discourage me and I lose motivation.

Instead, if I focus on something more positive, I feel more motivated and encouraged to continue on my fitness journey. When we are in a positive mindset, change will come more easily.

Can you please post a comment about something BEAUTIFUL IN YOU? You are not being conceited by saying something nice. I’d LOVE to hear you compliment yourself. This is a safe place to do so…


Ima start for you: I’m really happy with the way my arms are looking today and I was super strong in my workout this morning.


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