Tip to Stop Mindless Eating

Are you really hungry? Or are you eating out of habit? You can save yourself a lot of calories by putting some time between you & food. Set a timer for 5 minutes, decide if you’re bored or actually hungry. This will help curb mindless eating. Oh, and remember to eat slowly and stop eating … Continued

The Trouble with Mindless Eating

Not hitting your weight loss goals? Do you remember what you ate? (Did you even enjoy eating it?) If mindless eating is a problem for you, try these 3 things: 1. Start with making a deal with yourself to pay attention to what goes in your mouth, you can do this by… 2. Using a … Continued

3 Tips to Beat Mindless Evening Eating

Sabotage your day with mindless evening eating? Are you hungry or is it habit? By asking yourself how hungry you are, you can dig a little deeper to find what the problem may be & come up with alternative solutions. If you’re REALLY hungry, you need to INCREASE your daily calories & possibly the protein … Continued

Solution to Mindless Eating

So proud of one of my coaching clients who reported that she implemented the 10 minute rule and HALTSS…. Wonder what that is? The 10 minute rule really just makes you PAUSE before giving into temptation – this works really well when food is calling your name. Instead of immediately giving in – set your … Continued