Solution to Mindless Eating

So proud of one of my coaching clients who reported that she implemented the 10 minute rule and HALTSS….

Wonder what that is?

The 10 minute rule really just makes you PAUSE before giving into temptation – this works really well when food is calling your name.

Instead of immediately giving in – set your timer for 10 minutes and ask yourself these questions:

I am actually HUNGRY?

Or am I:

H – Hungry
A – Angry
L – Lonely
T – Tired
S – Stressed
S – in a Social setting

We should be fuelling our bodies when we are HUNGRY and limit eating when we are eating or any other reason.

Sometimes we might find ourselves mindlessly eating when we’re anrgy, lonely, tired or stressed or if we’re in a social setting.

Let’s keep our goals ‘top of mind’ and that will help us stay the course where eating is concerned.

Giving ourselves 10 min to review whether eating is in line with our goals is not a bad thing.

Finding an alternative behavior or changing our environment is a great plan to avoid extra calories.

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