3 Solutions for Menopausal Joint & Muscle Pain

Declining estrogen can cause joint and muscle pain. But you don’t have to suffer! Here are three possible solutions: Eat an anti-inflammatory diet, including reducing sugar/processed foods. Supplement or eat a diet high in Omega 3’s. Talk to your doctor about menopause hormone replacement therapy. ‘Motion is lotion’ so don’t stop working out! Dealing with … Continued

Unusual Exercise to Reduce Joint Pain

Joint pain? You may be surprised to hear that it may be caused by your diet. Some foods may be causing inflammation and joint pain. Try to connect the dots between what you’re eating and possible joint pain. The solution is to reduce or eliminate some of the triggers. These include processed foods as well … Continued

No Pain No Gain – Right?

No pain no gain isn’t always the case! If you’re experiencing joint pain, it’s time to stop & reassess. You can train other body parts, rest & ice. If pain doesn’t improve in 4-5 days, seek medical advice. However the saying, ‘No pain no gain’ can also be true! You just need to know what … Continued