8 Habits for Better Sleep

Sleep is magical! Protect it with these 8 habits: Get 10 minutes of natural sunshine within an hour of waking Observe the evening sunset Reduce overhead lights at night Enjoy caffeinated drinks before noon Exercise earlier in the day Keep the room cool Avoid alcohol before bed Include magnesium rich foods And I use the … Continued

Do NOT Use This Sleep Supplement

You may have heard that Melatonin will help you sleep, but I beg to differ. Here’s why I don’t use melatonin: Melatonin is a hormone that interacts with other hormone systems. Melatonin is an unregulated dietary supplement so dosages in commercial products can be well off what’s on the label. Dosages are far greater than … Continued

Can’t Sleep? Try This

Can’t sleep? We all go through periods of sleeplessness, especially in menopause! Supplementing with magnesium can help! But there are many kinds of magnesium, so what’s the best source for sleep? My favorite magnesium is Magnesium L-Threonate. In addition to helping with sleep, it can be protective against cognitive decline. Magnesium threonate is a more … Continued

“Boring’ Tip for Better Sleep

You’ll sleep like a baby, but you may be the most boring person around. Matthew Walker (author of ‘Why We Sleep’) says his BEST sleep tip is to maintain the SAME sleep schedule all week. Setting a reverse alarm to GET TO BED ON TIME may be the MOST powerful tip for better sleep. His … Continued

Unusual Sleep Hack

Need more sleep? (Who doesn’t?). Surprisingly, it will even help with fat loss. An unusual trick is to set a reverse alarm to remind you to get to bed earlier. How do YOU make sure you get all your z-z-z’s?  

Can’t Sleep? Try this…

Morning sunlight is a game changer to improve sleep. Try to get 10 minutes of natural sunlight within an hour of waking to set your body’s Circadian rhythm. For those of us in northern climates, that means using an artificial light that pumps out 10,000 lumens. What other sleep tips work for you? I’ve got … Continued

Can You Sleep Your Way Lean?

Improving your sleep could be one of the easiest ways to help with weight loss… Go here for my 30 day sleep calendar: http://bettersleep.shawnak.com    

Eat This Not That for Better Sleep

Can’t sleep? Choose your evening foods wisely. Foods to avoid include: -Processed foods high in sugar can cause an insulin spike & then subsequent cortisol spike -Spicy foods can cause acid reflux -Alcohol & caffeine disturb deep levels of sleep & promote wakefulness Here are some before bed ideas to help you get more shut … Continued