Alcohol and Fat Loss

I’m NOT saying you must avoid alcohol if you want to lose weight. What I am saying is that alcohol may inhibit weight loss… So you can make a choice based on knowledge rather than blindly following ‘rules’. If you deem any food ‘off limits’ it becomes all the more enticing & you’re more likely … Continued

Menopause & Your Glass of Wine: MY Drinking Rules

No food or drink item should be off limits, BUT, of course you need to exercise moderation with a healthy, sustainable plan. I like to enjoy a drink from time to time like many women. Here are MY rules: Stay hydrated – have an equal or greater amount of water for every alcoholic beverage. No … Continued

Menopause & Your Glass of Wine

Want enjoy a glass of wine? Is it worsening your menopause symptoms? Look, I don’t want to kill all your fun, but you should be aware.. A calorie is NOT a calorie where alcohol is concerned. Alcohol is its own macro-nutrient (different from protein, carbs & fat) & has 7 calories per gram. It’s metabolized … Continued

Can I Drink Wine and Still Lose Weight?

🍻🍷Cheers!🍸🍹🍾 . 🌸Life is all about BALANCE!… . 👙I’m all about flexible dieting so if having an alcoholic beverage is important to you, there’s a way to fit alcohol into your plan without sabotaging your fat loss results… . 🤔Keep in mind that alcohol has 7 calories per gram (carbs have 4 cals/gram, protein has … Continued

Alcohol and Fat Loss

What you need to know…with Coach Perri Stevens Is Alcohol truly bad for you? What are the effects of alcohol on metabolism? How much alcohol can you drink without any major effects? Some facts: ✅ Alcohol raises estrogen which can lead to an increase risk of breast cancer and fat storage ✅ 1 drink = 30g sugar ✅ The … Continued