Menopause & Your Glass of Wine

Want enjoy a glass of wine? Is it worsening your menopause symptoms?

Look, I don’t want to kill all your fun, but you should be aware..

A calorie is NOT a calorie where alcohol is concerned.

Alcohol is its own macro-nutrient (different from protein, carbs & fat) & has 7 calories per gram.

It’s metabolized differently than other macro-nutrients & is given first priority for processing.

Alcohol can stall your fat loss or muscle building efforts.

That’s not to say that you can’t enjoy a drink! Just understand a few things…

1. There’s no nutritional value with the added calories of alcohol.

2. With these extra calories, alcohol stimulates your appetite so it’s possible you’ll intake even more calories eating more while drinking.

3. Your sleep, already in short supply is disrupted.

NOTHING is off limits where nutrition is concerned, however moderation is needed so as not to sabotage your fat loss & muscle building progress.

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