Celebrating 60 Years

Aging is a privilege denied to many. With that thought in mind, I celebrate 60 years. I’ve been practicing saying ‘I’m 60’ for a while because only ‘old people’ are in their 60’s. Shouldn’t I have some cooking skillz by now? Apparently some skills will forever be elusive. As per always, I celebrate with movement… … Continued

Mobility Balance Challenge

If you fall and break a hip, the risk of mortality in hip fracture patients is 3-fold higher than that in the general population. Here’s a study explaining that scary stat: https://rdcu.be/c2TKX So make sure you’re doing all you can to stay strong & mobile! Try this: Touch elbow to opposite knee while balancing on … Continued

Shoulder Stability Warm Up

If you don’t keep moving, you’ll lose your mobility. Want strong & stable shoulders? Use light plate weight to perform these drills in your warm up: First drill… -Reach upwards with plates on palms up… -Externally rotate plates as you lower hands… -Bend at waist as you reach out laterally with palms up… -Inwardly rotate … Continued

Keep Failing Keep Getting Better

Failure is part of the process. For me, there are more bloopers than successes in my training. I should capture more on camera to post. If you’re learning something new, remember that we all start somewhere. There’s a lesson in every ‘fail’. Failure is the only way to real success. Happy to help you ‘fail … Continued

Vacation Workout Formula

Not everyone wants to workout on holiday, do what feels good for YOU. I like to do short full body workouts on vacay and this is a great format. Do 5-10 rounds: 10 KB swings 5 pull up variation 10 push up variation 15 air squats There are so many ways to vary this workout. … Continued

Grab This Stretching Guide!

Motion is lotion. Or in other words: if you don’t move it you lose it. Simple mobility moves like the 13 stretches in this video can: ->Decrease back pain ->Keep you functional ->Prevent injury I’m here to help you keep moving pain free! Grab the 13 stretches I did in the video; you can do … Continued

Knee Injury? Do These Exercises

  Injured? There’s almost always a work around to continue some kind of exercise. If you have a knee injury, focus on hip hinging exercises to continue to fire your lower body muscles without inflaming the knee. You may also train the uninjured side with single leg movements (like quad extensions, ham curls etc) to … Continued

Workout Motivation Trick

Stop waiting on motivation to workout. Just put on your clothes & get going. Motivation comes from ACTION. It’s okay if some days you just ‘go thru the motions’ of your workout. The only ‘bad’ workout is the one that never happened. If you need a little extra oomph, train with me here: https://tinyurl.com/SKWorkouts

Too Tired to Workout? Solution

You can always find a reason to skip a workout. Me too! I felt too busy & too tired to workout this day, so I implemented the ’10 minute rule’. The deal is that you do 10 minutes of movement & then either give yourself permission to skip out or (more likely), finish the workout … Continued

Best Workout for Women 40+

What’s the ‘perfect’ workout? The one that makes you feel good & you can do regularly… Yes, workouts, like resistance training, are especially beneficial, but only if you do them. It’s better to do exercise that might be ‘less’ beneficial regularly than doing a ‘more’ beneficial workout infrequently. You do you! Keep moving! Oh, and … Continued