Does Walking Reduce Belly Fat?

I’m all for hard workouts but exercise will only burn 5-10% of your daily calories… So how can you burn more calories without more hard workouts? Enter NEAT: non-execise activity thermogenesis. NEAT can burn up to 20% or more of daily calories. Examples of NEAT include things like walking, gardening, light housework, stairs, simply moving! … Continued

Will Walking Burn Fat?

❓Does walking 5-6 miles a day put you in the ‘fat burning zone’?… 👏🏻Great question!… . 🙄The whole idea of the fat burning zone is a bit of misinformation…. . 📚Studies show that low intensity cardio (walking on a treadmill for example) will burn fat & doing higher intensity exercise (like HIIT, interval training, burst … Continued