Travel ‘Movement Snack’

If you don’t mind making a scene, you can this movement snack anywhere! Airport lounge, hotel room, waiting room, line ups… Once I had two other people do this movement snack with me in an airport lounge! If you can count to 10, you’ll see the pattern, each set adds up to 10… Count up/down … Continued

Las Vegas Hotel Workout

Traveling? Try this Hotel Workout… ➡️5 Handstand push ups Or Regular push ups ➡️10 per side DB row ➡️10 per side alternate DB snatches ➡️DB OH Walking lunge 10 per side Do 15 min of work OR Do 5 rounds Want my follow along workout videos for free? Another way I support my coaching clients … Continued

Gazebo Bodyweight Workout

Quick body weight workout anyone? I always take my jump rope with me for an impromptu bodyweight workout. This one occurred in the gazebo with a Mama Robin keeping watch. She had a nest full of eggs just to my right (you’ll see it at the end of the video). I wanted to get in … Continued