How to Get Your Core Muscles Working

Have you had abdominal trauma or surgery? If so, your core muscles may not even be firing & you need to ‘turn them back on’. Here’s how: •press your back into the floor •find your hip bones & move inward slightly •cough •feel the muscles tighten Now try to keep that muscle tight. Lift one … Continued

How to Get Visible Abs…

🤷‍♀️Do you have weak abs & wonder why you can’t get visible abs? 🔪💉Have you had a Caesarean or other abdominal surgery? ✅This is a common issue with many women. 🤓Let me explain why this is relevant… ✨Your body is a wonderful machine. When you have any sort of abdominal trauma or #surgery, your transversus … Continued

Are My Abs Even Working??

If you feel like you’re doing everything right, you’re exercising, doing ‘ab moves’ and NOTHING is happening to your belly, you might just not be contracting your belly at all… If you’ve had any abdominal surgery or trauma, your ‘transverse abdominus’ may not be firing. This is one of the four abdominal muscles and it’s … Continued