How to Get Visible Abs…

🤷‍♀️Do you have weak abs & wonder why you can’t get visible abs?

🔪💉Have you had a Caesarean or other abdominal surgery?

✅This is a common issue with many women.

🤓Let me explain why this is relevant…

✨Your body is a wonderful machine. When you have any sort of abdominal trauma or #surgery, your transversus abdominis switches OFF.

✨In an effort to heal, the body shuts down the neurological pathways to fire this muscle. This is so that you heal.


😦The trouble is, once the issue is healed, the muscle does not know how to turn back on.

🌸But there’s an easy fix you can do [even while in bed].

✔️Lie on your back with bent legs. Find your hips and move your fingers just inside them, cough.

✔️Your transverse abdominus will involuntarily contract. Hold the contraction 30 seconds to 1 min.

✔️Elevate one leg while holding the contraction, hold for 30 seconds to 1 min, switch legs.

💥With a little practice, your abs will turn ON again.

🙌🏻You can build a stronger core & with proper nutrition, you can get that visible sixpack👙

💃🏼Speaking of nutrition, if you think you’ve tried everything, maybe you haven’t…

Click this link  let’s get a conversation going about some options to dial things in so that your nutrition supports your fitness efforts.