When Fad Diets Come Knocking…

Don’t do it! When fad diets come knocking, just slam the door on them. Fad diets are full of empty promises of fast weight lost but fast weight gain almost always follows. Stick with your slow & boring plan of healthy choices full of home made: Protein High quality carbs & fats Less processed foods … Continued

The ONLY Thing You Need to Lose Weight

The concept of weight loss is simple. The 3 ‘magic’ ingredients are: -a sustainable diet – to avoid rebound weight gain -a calorie deficit – no matter how you achieve it -adequate protein – to maintain lean muscle & keep you satiated The application of these things gets complicated. Especially when it becomes a billion … Continued

Want Visible Abs?

If you want visible abs, be aware of the sacrifices you may need to make. Be realistic & manage expectations where weight loss goals are concerned… ⭐️20-22% body fat⭐️ ✔️fit appearance & good overall health ✔️livable lifestyle ✔️few cravings due to balanced diet ✔️plans & time needed for meal prep ✔️coaching is sometimes needed to … Continued