Should You Do a Cleanse?

Do you have a functioning liver? If so, you don’t need a cleanse. Save your money & time in the bathroom. No pill, powder or potion is gonna magically help you drop weight, ‘cure’ menopause or make symptoms go away. Run away from anyone pitching detox teas, juice cleanses, or any hormone balancing baloney. There … Continued

Want Food Freedom?

Want to eat whatever you want & still meet your goals? You can. Even in menopause. You can’t eat with reckless abandon, but you CAN eat your favourite foods in moderation. When you stop the diet mentality of super low calorie eating & consistently apply solid nutrition principles, you get to eat LOTS. Results come … Continued

Which Nutrition Plan Should You Try?

Don’t be tempted. Sustainable weight loss isn’t sexy. It isn’t fast. But it’s SUSTAINABLE & results are LASTING. Fad diets will just disappoint you. Let me teach you how to never have to ‘diet’ again. I’ve got your back with science based, easy to digest video tutorials in my Nutrition Academy: And I’ll even … Continued

When Fad Diets Come Knocking…

Don’t do it! When fad diets come knocking, just slam the door on them. Fad diets are full of empty promises of fast weight lost but fast weight gain almost always follows. Stick with your slow & boring plan of healthy choices full of home made: Protein High quality carbs & fats Less processed foods … Continued