Reduce Your Waist with This Simple Stretch

I lied. This stretch alone won’t reduce your waist. But better posture will make your waist look smaller! If you sit at a desk, sit behind the wheel or are bent over your phone a lot, you likely have slouched shoulders, tight chest muscles and forward head lean. This stretch will: Improve posture Improve flexibility … Continued

Unusual Way to Get a Smaller Waist

Want a smaller waist? Build a bigger back. Building your back muscles will not only keep you functional and injury free… It will make your waist look smaller by comparison. It’s easy to overlook back training simply because we don’t ‘see’ our back when we look in the mirror. DB rows and any kind of … Continued

2 Tips to Lose 2 Inches

There is no magic formula, pill, powder or potion that will shrink your waist, BUT… while you’re implementing healthy nutrition & sensible exercise, there are 2 things you can do to ‘lose 2 inches’. The first thing is check your posture. Stand up straight, shoulders back, chest up, chin up, tummy tucked in. This makes … Continued