Is THIS Killing Your Results?

Is THIS killing your results? If you’re distracted by: phone calls texts emails social media During your workout… Just put your phone away. This is a personal reminder as much as a PSA! Dang the phone can have so much power. If you need direction and ACCOUNTABILITY with your workouts, train with my team and … Continued

Client Spotlight: Felicia

Tried everything with no weight loss results? Felicia thot she tried it all too! Until she tried eating MORE. And allowed herself to eat her flavour favourites. She found a SUSTAINABLE way to eat that doesn’t feel restrictive. She found HOPE. Her results are slow & steady, but most importantly, she’s enjoying the process. She … Continued

Client Spotlight: Connie

Calling all mother’s over 50! I know how busy you are, but let Connie inspire you! She’s a busy mom of FIVE children. She works AND volunteers with her church & she still finds time to take care of herself. Yes, she’s a bit of a super hero! But her weight loss success didn’t happen … Continued

Waiting on Fat Loss Results

Fat loss results take time… Stick with it! Your goal over the holidays should be weight MAINTENANCE. You set yourself up for failure & disappointment if you’re trying to lose weight during the holidays. Remember that every meal doesn’t need to be a fiesta. But enjoy those holiday foods… And I’m ready for you when … Continued