Hallway ‘Movement Snack’

Sometimes life is just too crazy to get a ‘formal’ workout done. On those days, if you find yourself walking down the same hallway, maybe you could fit a movement snack like this in: Repeat 5 times in the day Lunge walk 10 steps 10 squats 10 wall push ups *Do this every time you … Continued

Sweaty 5 Minute ‘Movement Snack’

Try this movement snack if you can’t get a workout in, but you have 5 minutes to get a sweat on: AMRAP 5-7 min 10 Rev Lunges 5 per side Crab alt toe touch (or dead bug) 10 per side Skater 20 Glute Bridge pulse 10 High Knees/10 march 5 Push Ups Short bursts of … Continued

Bathroom ‘Movement Snack’

You really don’t need a ton of time, space or equipment to make movement a part of your day! Here’s a bodyweight movement snack that you can do even in a bathroom! *I mean you don’t have to do it in the bathroom, but it won’t take up any more space than your bathroom – … Continued

Travel ‘Movement Snack’

If you don’t mind making a scene, you can this movement snack anywhere! Airport lounge, hotel room, waiting room, line ups… Once I had two other people do this movement snack with me in an airport lounge! If you can count to 10, you’ll see the pattern, each set adds up to 10… Count up/down … Continued