Squats ‘n Burpees

Here’s an awesome workout to do at home or while traveling… Alternate squats and burpees with this rep scheme: 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 For example: 21 squats then 21 burpees… 18 squats then 18 burpees… Work down to: 3 squats then 3 burpees Squats can be done with bodyweight or with DB, … Continued

Las Vegas Hotel Workout

Traveling? Try this Hotel Workout… ➡️5 Handstand push ups Or Regular push ups ➡️10 per side DB row ➡️10 per side alternate DB snatches ➡️DB OH Walking lunge 10 per side Do 15 min of work OR Do 5 rounds Want my follow along workout videos for free? Another way I support my coaching clients … Continued

Hotel Ladder Workout

Here’s a simple hotel or home workout:… ➡️step ups (wgt’d or body weight)… ➡️KB swings (or squat jumps)… ➡️push ups… Do a descending ladder set: 10 reps, 9 reps, 8 reps…1 rep and then climb back up the ladder if time allows… ✳️Double the reps for the KB swing for a little more sweat 😓… … Continued

Bad Hair – Good Hotel Workout

I’m at an event learning from experts how to help YOU more effectively and I have two messages for you today: 1. Surround yourself with smarter people than yourself 🤓 2. Always find time to move 😅 Here’s how I started my day: With bad hair but a good workout 😉… ➡️20 double unders, single … Continued