EP 28 – Handling Hormone Imbalances with Samantha Gladish

Shawna K
Shawna K
EP 28 - Handling Hormone Imbalances with Samantha Gladish

So many women experience hormone imbalances. I’m so happy to welcome hormone expert, Samantha on the show where  we address the following: 1. What is it that leads to hormonal imbalances? 2. What are some simple strategies we can implement to optimize our hormonal health? 3. What are some key strategies women can implement to … Continued

Why Dieting is Making You Fat…

On a diet? Why eating LESS is doing more harm than good and is killing your metabolism… Join me and Coach Perri Stevens as we discuss the topic of dieting and more on a FB Live… A ‘read it and eat it’ plan is just fine to get you on the road to better eating, … Continued

Menopause Mind? 😜

Ever feel like you losing your mind? 😜 Let me explain how your hormones are involved… ⬆⬇🔄Changes in estrogen and progesterone may cause mood swings. Because… Memory, concentration, and mood are all impacted by our hormone levels. 😱Progesterone drops and this can cause irritability… 😴You may feel tired, depressed, irritable or struggle with memory concerns … Continued