Why Dieting is Making You Fat…

On a diet?

Why eating LESS is doing more harm than good and is killing your metabolism…

Join me and Coach Perri Stevens as we discuss the topic of dieting and more on a FB Live…

A ‘read it and eat it’ plan is just fine to get you on the road to better eating, but if it’s a plan with very low calories, you must beware.

A low calorie plan will lower your metabolism so that once you start eating like a human again, you’ll actually gain weight back while still eating less. You can permanently lower your metabolism and it takes quite a lot of work to repair a lowered metabolism.

As well, hormones like gherlin and leptin get messed up. Gherlin is the hormone that tells you that you’re hungry – it can sky rocket out of control while on a low calorie plan.

Leptin, on the other hand, can decrease up to 50% when dieting – this is the hormone that tells you: ‘I’m satisfied’.

So, you can see that increasing the ‘I’m hungry’ hormone (gherlin) and decreasing the ‘I’m satisfied’ hormone (leptin) is a recipe for disaster – no wonder we’re all miserable on a diet!

As well as being miserable and feel like we’re starving ourselves, we get a depressed metabolism and lowered energy levels (so we actually burn less calories) when on a diet.


Coach Perri and I find that when we work with women to INCREASE food quality and intake our clients LOSE weight.

Eating more, feeling satisfied and energized and losing either weight or inches (or both)?



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