Case Study: Rosemary

What do you do when what you did before doesn’t work anymore? This happened to Rosemary. She had her workout & nutrition plan DIALLED in, then everything changed when she underwent a partial thyroidectomy. She was… -Gaining weight on 1000 calories a day -Constipated -Hair my falling out -Moody -So tired! We worked together to … Continued

Tried Everything to Lose Weight?

I hear this all the time. Many women 40+ feel frustrated & at the end of their ropes trying so many weight loss plans unsuccessfully. I never thought my age would be my greatest asset in helping women, but it sure is since I’ve ‘been there & currently doing that’ where maintaining a healthy weight … Continued

Case Study: Maria

You don’t have to overhaul your whole life to improve your health… Small changes are the ones that you can implement regularly & make the biggest differences over time. Are you crazy busy, like Maria? She is an empath, always putting others before herself. While this is a beautiful characteristic, Maria felt her health was … Continued

Case Study: Stephanie

“Participating in Shawna’s program was a life changing experience. “ @stephanieliner From my perspective, it was a great pleasure to work with Stephanie. She consistently showed up & was ready to learn. She threw away old ideas, for example, she (reluctantly) increased her calorie & carb intake & watched her weight go down. She slowly increased … Continued

Case Study: Judy

Self care is often put on the back burner. This was Judy’s problem… She was so busy serving others that she found herself overweight & unhappy. So she decided to get some support & so much has changed for her! She’s lost 35 lbs, but more importantly… Judy has regained her confidence & is now … Continued

Case Study: Lauren

Slow weight loss? Lauren wanted to give up! There were weeks that the scale didn’t budge! But, she was patient & trusted the process. You can’t speed up a process that’s meant to be slow! Not only did Lauren lose 25 lbs, she did it while recovering from a ruptured achilles. She is one amazing … Continued